Tuesday, 5 April 2011

How to make Wild Wing's Gar-Par and Dill flavored wings.

My two favorite sauces at Wild Wing's is Gar-Par and Dill. They are so good, that I don't like trying anything else when I go. Being a student, I can't afford to hit up that restaurant every time I have chicken wing cravings... which is quite often. I found an acceptable replacement that is not too expensive. First, you have to find your favorite crispy breaded wing, or make your own. I find that M&M's Jumbo Crispy Wings are the best suited for this, and they come on sale quite often.  They are also JUMBO and require no cooking experience besides turning the oven on. Now to make the sauces. Wild Wing's uses Renée's Dressing as bases for most of their creamy sauces. To make the Gar-Par Sauce, mix Caesar dressing with Parmesan in a bowl and then shake up your wings to get them all saucy. It is easier to shake just a few wings at a time to maximize sauce coverage. This sauce is thick and won't cover all your wings if your bowl is not big enough. Same goes for the dill sauce (M&M makes a good dill salad dressing too.). Feel free to use blue-cheese, Parmesan, or hot sauce in this one to vary the flavors. If you buy everything when it is on sale, you end up saving a lot of money and also will have extras left over for your next wing craving. Renée's dressing is generally cheaper to buy in bulk and it will last a long time. This works great if you use a quality chicken wing. If you don't, the sauce won't cling to the breading as well and it won't be as good.


  1. What Renees sauce do they use for the dill? Cucumber dill? Or ranch with added dill?